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1000 "Tiger in the Snow"

Recomended age: 7+

  • Article: 79012
  • Box size: 400х270х55
  • Pieces in the box: 1000
  • Package size: 480х680

Collection, gift puzzle of "Animal Collection" series.

Tiger is a kind of predatory mammals of the cat family, one of four members of the genus of Panther. Tiger is one of the largest land predators giving weight only to white and the brown bears. A historical area of a tiger is located in the Far East of Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, China, India and South-East Asia, including the Indonesian Islands. In the wildlife tigers feed mainly on hoofed animals. However among tigers there are man-eaters; typically old or sick individuals with missing teeth, unable to hunt for hoofed animals.

Puzzle in a rigid and stylish package in which you can easily recognize collection series puzzle "Animals".

Great quality, high accuracy in fitting of parts.

We recommend you to purchase a special glue for puzzles. Glue fastens puzzles, gives them the look of a whole picture.

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