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1000 "Portrait of M.I. Lopukhina" (Russian Museums)

Recomended age: 7+

  • Article: 79204
  • Box size: 400х270х55
  • Pieces in the box: 1000
  • Package size: 480х680

The plot of the puzzle is based on the reproduction of Borovikovskiy "Portrait of M.I. Lopukhina".

Year of creation 1797. Oil on canvas.
Height of the original canvas is 72 cm width 53.5 cm.

Belongs to the exhibition of the State Tretyakov Gallery.

In the portrait of Borovykovskiy's work Maria Ivanovna Lopukhina is depicted (1779-1803), she is a representative of the count family of Tolstoy Fyodor Ivanovich, his sister, the wife of S.A. Lopukhin, a master of the hunt. The artist used a traditional device of a representational portrait - the surrounding of the character by objects and attributes that help to reveal his image. However Borovikovskiy didn't try to show a social status of Lopukhina, he showed a personal, intimate side of her character. The main topic of the portrait was a harmonious fusion of man and nature, specific for aesthetics of the end of XVIII century, formed under the influence of sentimentalism. This portrait was admired not only by its contemporaries, but also by viewers of all subsequent generation.

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