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1000 "Madonna and the Child" (Russian Museums)

Recomended age: 7+

  • Article: 79207
  • Box size: 400х270х55
  • Pieces in the box: 1000
  • Package size: 480х680

The plot of the puzzle is based on the most famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci "Madonna and the Child" (The Litta Madonna).

Year of creation 1491. Tempera on canvas.
Height of the original canvas is 42 cm width 33 cm.

Belongs to the exhibition of the State Hermitage Museum.

The painting was written for the rulers of Milan, then it was transferred to Litta family, and it has been a part of their private collection for several centuries. The original title of the picture was "Madonna and the Child". The modern name of the painting came from the name of its owner - Count Litta , the owner of the family art gallery in Milan. The painting depicts a young woman holding a baby in her arms, she breastfeeds him. Some critics point out unusual elements of the painting for the author's manner of Leonardo, in particular, an unnatural position of the baby. It is assumed that at least the baby figure was painted by one of Leonardo's disciple, most likely by Boltraffio .

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