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1000 "King of Beasts"

Recomended age: 7+

  • Article: 79101
  • Box size: 400х270х55
  • Pieces in the box: 1000
  • Package size: 680х480

Collection, gift puzzle of "Animal Collection" series.

A Lion has a peculiar appearance of the cats. In VIII - X centuries the king of beasts inhabited even southern Europe, particularly the Caucasus, but the range of this wonderful beast has been reduced steadily. Previously he lived across Africa and further to east to the Indian subcontinent, now lionslive only in Central Africa, and in a very small number in the Indian state of Gujarat, in Hirskyy forests. Unlike other large predators lions are found not only alone and in pairs but also in large groups so-called prides. A pride usually consists of 1-2 adult males, several adult lionesses and young animals. There are 7-10 and more individuals. Among their catches are antelopes, zebras and other ungulates of medium size, up to young elephants, rhinos, hippos, as well as livestock. Lionesses are the main breadwinners.

Puzzle in a rigid and stylish package in which you can easily recognize collection series puzzle "Animals".

Great quality, high accuracy in fitting of parts.

We recommend you to purchase a special glue for puzzles. Glue fastens puzzles, gives them the look of a whole picture.

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