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1000 "Dance Amongst Daggers" (Russian Museums)

Recomended age: 7+

  • Article: 79201
  • Box size: 400х270х55
  • Pieces in the box: 1000
  • Package size: 480х680

The plot of the puzzle is based on the famous painting of Semiradsky "Dance Amongst Daggers".

Year of creation 1881. Oil on canvas.
Height of the original canvas is 120 cm width 225 cm.

Belongs to the exhibition of the State Tretyakov Gallery.

"Dance Amongst Daggers" - the undisputed masterpiece of the ancient genre of Semiradsky. Loaded with light and air the painting carries to the viewers more than a hundred years after almost physically tangible gentle tootles, melodic plays of cittern and indistinct drum beats, fragrance of flowering shrubs and murmur of the sea. Beautiful girl is dancing on the carpet, at the edges of which daggers are placed with their peaks up, she entertains with her art a group of the Roman patricians, settled themselves on the veranda of a rich house. But this group is moved away to the right, it is barely visible, and the viewer without hindrance can enjoy slim forms of a nude dancer, graceful numbers of musicians and wonderful sea views.

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